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The MoHi Mission Statement:


We here at Modesto High School believe that the game of football offers young people a unique opportunity to become the best versions of themselves. Our coaching staff is passionate about developing young people into hard-working student-athletes, loving parents, and productive members of our community; we will work tirelessly to accomplish that goal. Our football family is one that holds a high standard for effort and dominating the details in our preparation. As a MoHi graduate it is very important to me, to uphold our culture of excellence, both on and off the field. Playing with passion, intelligence, and showcasing an uncommon work ethic, have always been hallmarks of this program and we are proud to carry on that tradition day in, and day out. 


We will find a way to get better every day! 


All hail to thee Modesto High!


Dylan Miller, Head Football Coach

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