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Modesto High Football
Process Points

Off Season Incentive Program

Winter & Spring:


Starting and Finishing a Spring/Winter Sports: (150 points - 60 points)

Less points awarded if starting late/ending early, due to academic ineligibility. 


Workout Attendance: (5-25 points/week)

Points given each week, based on attendance/effort in weekly MHS weight room activities. Note: Students can earn points for working with Modesto High Athletic Trainer, Coach Lewis at Kodiak Sports Academy. Attendance/effort will be verified each month. Four weeks each month, for three months (one sports season = 150 maximum points. 


Parent/Guardian joining the MHS Gridiron Booster Club: (15 points)

Interested parties can email


Grades and Citizenship - Q2/Q3: (see below)

GPA 4.0 and above: 75 points

GPA 3.0 - 3.9: 50 points

GPA: 2.0 - 2.9: 30 points


Recruiting: (25 Points/Recruit)

Bringing a verified/eligible student to our Football Program is one of our top priorities each off season. Recruits must follow through enrollment before points can be assigned. Deadline for recruits is the first day of summer practice on 6/6/2022.


COMPLETED AAU Registration: (25 points)

Due date for Spring AAU registration is TBD




Setting PR - Personal Record: (50 points)

We record one-rep maxes for the Power Clean, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press lifts. Setting a personal record, and then breaking said record will be rewarded with points.

1000 lb Club: (100 points)

Students who’s PR totals equal 1000 pounds will be recognized with a “1000 lb Club” T-shirt and a large sum of points!

Reward Opportunities: 


Top Process Pointers at each position will get first pick of:

  • Helmets (new Schutt helmets this year)

  • Jersey Numbers - note: jersey numbers must be eligible numbers for each position. Example: a WR/DB cannot select a 60-70 number)

  • Team Duties assigned by Process Point rank (picking up practice equipment (Speaker/Timer, Video Equipment, Water Jugs, Sled Bags, etc.)




Monthly leaders at each position will be recognized with a post on the official Mohi Football Instagram page as well as some Mohi Swag (t-shirts, shorts, etc). 


Yearly leaders at each position will be rewarded with their choice of gloves purchased by the program. 


Top overall point-getters will be rewarded with their choice of cleats, purchased by the program.

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