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2020-2021 football coaching staff:


Dylan Miller, Head Coach

Alex Luna, Offensive Coordinator

Aurelio Duenas, Offensive Line / Defensive Line

Max McCabe, Quarterbacks

Don Wallace, Wide Receivers / Linebackers


Joshua Figueroa, Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Jaime De La Rosa, Defensive Coordinator

Tino Figueroa, Offensive Line / Defensive Line

Joshua M. Figueroa, Running Backs / Linebackers

George Carreno, Offensive Line / Defensive Line

Lee Hill, Wide Receivers / Defensive Backs


Allen Garan, Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Thomas Minor, Defensive Coordinator

Nic Venturini, Wide Receivers / Defensive Coordinator

Justin Montanez, Offensive Line / Defensive Line

Robert Stack, Tight Ends / Linebackers

Moises Tobarez, Running Backs / Defensive 

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