AAU Membership Instructions 2018


In order to participate in our off-season program you MUST BE A MEMBER OF AAU.
The cost is $16.00


  • Go to www.aausports.org

  • Click to ‘Join AAU’

    • If already a member of AAU for another sport or from last season –

      Click Login and enter email address and password

      Click ‘renew membership’

    • If this is the first time you are joining AAU -

      Click ‘Register’ and follow instructions to create account and password


  • Follow the instructions to sign up. YOU MUST PURCHASE AB EXTENDED COVERAGE for $2 in addition to the $14 membership fee!!!

  • Be sure to choose “YOUTH PROGRAM,”  “FOOTBALL – FLAG,” and "EXTENDED COVERAGE."

  • The CLUB CODE is WY37FY

  • The CLUB NAME should appear as 2018- MHS GridIron


You WILL NOT be allowed to practice during the spring and summer without  a current year AAU registration.


*** AAU is our off-season work out program, it is designed to prepare our athletes for the rigor of the regular season, AAU registration does not affect eligibility of the Regular Season which begins July 23rd, 2018.  In order to be eligible for the regular season go to our Athlete registration page for the link to Sportsnet (the districts online registration)***


Please keep a copy of your AAU card as proof of your membership. 

Panther Pride

Panther Pride

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