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AAU Membership Instructions 2021


In order to participate in the off-season for the 2021 football season,  student-athletes need to register through the AAU.  The registration has a one time $16 registration fee per season.  The season runs from September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021.


  • Go to

  • Click to "Join AAU"

  • Click on "Get a Membership" tab
    • If this is the first time you are joining AAU -

      Click ‘Register’ and follow instructions to create account and password

    • If already a member of AAU for another sport or from last season –

      Click Login and enter email address and password

      • Click ‘renew membership’


  • Follow the instructions to sign up. YOU MUST PURCHASE AB EXTENDED COVERAGE for $2 in addition to the $14 membership fee!!!

  • Be sure to choose “YOUTH PROGRAM,”  “FOOTBALL – FLAG,” and "EXTENDED COVERAGE."

  • The CLUB CODE is W36YYW

  • The CLUB NAME should appear as "Mohi Football 2022-2023"


You WILL NOT be allowed to practice during the spring and summer without  a current year AAU registration.


*** AAU is our off-season work out program, it is designed to prepare our athletes for the rigor of the regular season, AAU registration does not affect eligibility of the Regular Season.***


Please keep a copy of your AAU card as proof of your membership. 

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